Isuka Fashion is a fashion business that was founded in 2012. At first, Isuka Fashion owned a shop in Tanah Abang, Indonesia with a wholesale sales system. In January 2019, Isuka contacted Sharkmind to create a new brand which after 4 months had unsatisfactory results.

In April 2019, the Isuka team decided to change their selling method, From previously only sell in wholesale turn into retail online and got satisfactory results. Until finally in March 2020 (before the Covid-19 pandemic), the owner of Isuka decided to close their shop in Tanah Abang and focus 100% on online retail sales. In November 2021, Isuka Fashion has been rebranded as Momelca. 

Sharkmind has been assisting Isuka Fashion since The beginning of the Brand focuses on online (January 2019)

Annual Growth: Increasing 1000% since Sharkmind assisting them.


Founder:Calvin Furiady & Meilody Indreswari
Headquarter:Jakarta, Indonesia