Howel & Co is a gifting company business that was founded in September 2015, the owner of Howel & Co himself is an active digital marketer who has attended a lot of digital marketing training and has had very satisfying results in his business. The obstacle from 6 years of building Howel & Co and handling its marketing is the lack of focus from the owner having to take charge of many aspects from its marketing, product development as well as sales, which impacted their sales getting stuck each month.

Therefore In June 2020, Sharkmind conducted a marketing evaluation that had been running. And with Sharkmind's experience in other industries, we try to implement the strategy and help Howel & Co All-Time High every quarter.

Sharkmind assisting Howel since June 2020

Quarter Growth Since Sharkmind Help them: 50%

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Founder:Wilson Gunawan & Veronica Maria
Headquarter:Jakarta, Indonesia