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Hi, we are Sharkmind. We help companies like yours to grow 10X BIGGER using Digital Funnel Strategy. Let us save your time and money by preventing you from making common mistakes.

Christian Kustedi
Christian started his journey in his early 20s by setting up a design agency now known as Kamarupa Design Group. Kamarupa is now one of the leading design agency in Jakarta, trusted by hundreds of clients from various industries.

He is always brimming with new ideas. In 2014, he realised one of his ideas by building an online platform for resellers, Dusdusan. Dusdusan made Christian learn digital marketing the hard way. Sometimes the hard way is the best way, Dusdusan is now the biggest reseller community platform in Indonesia. 

Due to Dusdusan’s strong online presence, more and more people asked for Christian’s advice in digital marketing. Then came the light-bulb moment to establish SharkMind, a digital marketing agency, in 2018.
Freddy Ferdinand
Co-Founder & Partner
Despite the fact that Freddy is only his early 20s, he has a wealth of experience under his belt. Marketing has always been his passion, with digital marketing as one his expertises. In 2017, Freddy started an e-commerce business. 

Freddy commenced with $500 and within 7 months he generated almost $1 million revenue. His passion lies in developing strategies to increase company’s leads and revenue. 

In order to achieve that, Freddy puts his focus on traffic, funnel, conversion, and not forgetting the customer journey which play a significant part in any company.

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There is always a story behind every company and this is ours.

In 2015, shortly after Dusdusan established, Christian was looking how to increase Dusdusan’s sales
and growth even further. Since it is an online platform for resellers, it makes total sense for Christian
to think one of many ways to increase Dusdusan’s sales and growth is by setting Dusdusan’s
presence online. 

Christian began his search for an agency to help with Dusdusan’s digital marketing strategy. After so many agencies denied him, he eventually found one. One year have passed and a large amount of money has been spent, but yet it only increased Dusdusan’s sales by an insignificant amount. Christian couldn’t keep still, he decided to get his hands dirty by learning digital marketing himself.

Using what he had learnt from many world class mentors, Christian formulated his own strategies for Dusdusan. Within a year, the company saw a significant increase in sales and growth, with only 1% of the budget spent by the former digital marketing agency. Christian realized the old agency spent his money on useless advertisements with the aim to raise brand awareness, not to increase leads or sales. At the same time frame, Freddy deepened his knowledge in digital marketing and built his own e-commerce business.

Due to Dusdusan’s substantial growth within a year and by word of mouth, the amount of people who asked Christian for digital marketing advices skyrocketed. Since Christian is the only team member for Dusdusan’s digital marketing team, he needs a helping hand to handle those inquiries. That’s when Freddy’s name came into Christian’s mind. 

At that time, Freddy was already a savvy in digital marketing. Later on in 2017, Freddy resigned from his job and a few months later in 2018 he approached Christian to establish a digital marketing company.

Christian knows how it feels like to spend money with minimal or no result at all. He’s been there, done that, and won’t let other people go there. Christian has the business expertise, whilst Freddy has the (digital) marketing expertise. That is why in 2018 Christian and Freddy are joining forces to set up a digital marketing company, Sharkmind.

Sharkmind team consists of a few people who have the business owner mindset and experience in marketing. Sharkmind is pivoting towards strategic partnership, aiming for long-term relationships with clients. We are performance based agency, we promise the real key performance index (KPI) for you. We will analyse, strategise, and implement the right marketing strategies for your business.

Sharkmind will also happy to provide business suggestions whenever we feel it’s apt. In this day and age, internet plays an important part in people’s daily life with almost everything is just a few clicks or taps away. 

According to Statista, 47.4% of the world population in 2017 are internet users. Last year almost half of Indonesia residents are internet users. It is projected to have constant growth in the coming years. With those data in mind, Sharkmind will use digital marketing to help your business to grow and sets its digital presence.

During the Q2 of 2018, we helped Dusdusan’s recruitment campaign.
We managed to generate more than 50,000 leads and recruited
more than 15,000 new resellers. 

We also optimised Dusdusan’s social media to promote Dusdusan’s offline events to bring in more participants. After offline events, we make sure they will always receive Dusdusan’s latest update.
We helped Medina to decide which advertisement is best suited for
their targeted market. Within three months, we successfully handled
Medina’s digital marketing, this is shown in 30% revenue increase.
We helped Kamarupa to increase their number of leads and optimise their search engine optimisation (SEO).

 We also revamped Kamarupa’s website look to persuade prospective clients with Kamarupa’s core team personal branding. In addition, we update their YouTube channel and social media regularly.