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Hi, we are Sharkmind. We help companies like yours to grow 10X BIGGER using Digital Funnel Strategy. Let us save your time and money by preventing you from making common mistakes.
Christian Kustedi
Christian started his journey in his early 20s by setting up a design agency now known as Kamarupa Design Group. Kamarupa is now one of the leading design agency in Jakarta, trusted by hundreds of clients from various industries.

He is always brimming with new ideas. In 2014, he realised one of his ideas by building an online platform for resellers, Dusdusan. Dusdusan made Christian learn digital marketing the hard way. Sometimes the hard way is the best way, Dusdusan is now the biggest reseller community platform in Indonesia. 

Due to Dusdusan’s strong online presence, more and more people asked for Christian’s advice in digital marketing. Then came the light-bulb moment to establish SharkMind, a digital marketing agency, in 2018.
Freddy Ferdinand
Co-Founder & Partner
Despite the fact that Freddy is only his early 20s, he has a wealth of experience under his belt. Marketing has always been his passion, with digital marketing as one his expertises. In 2017, Freddy started an e-commerce business. 

Freddy commenced with $500 and within 7 months he generated almost $1 million revenue. His passion lies in developing strategies to increase company’s leads and revenue. 

In order to achieve that, Freddy puts his focus on traffic, funnel, conversion, and not forgetting the customer journey which play a significant part in any company.
We are gonna help you on :
Increase Sales
We are in for your business partner in the long run.

We will be your digital marketing team and partner at your company,
formulating how to set your company existence digitally. 

We will provide you with the full 360 online strategy and activation, to help your company achieve your company’s KPI; traffic, sales, leads or application installation.
Consulting &
Find The Best Business Model
This type of service for business owners or marketing team is to make sure that you have a right mindset about digital marketing & funnel strategy. 

We provide intensive consulting, market research, funnel optimization advice and other advice so your team can execute faster and perform even more.

Our Co-Founder Chsitian Kustedi is a CEO of with more than 100 Employee, 6 Division, 80K Reseller, hundred of product category and 12 years experience on Branding.

We are not just help you by marketing & branding (Find right marketing funnel & techniques). Also can help you on business side based on experience of our Co-Founder
Social Media Activation
We will manage your company’s social media content & audience engagement on either Instagram, Facebook, or both. 

We will make sure the message your company wants to convey reaches the targeted audience.
Media Buying & Advertising
Allocating budget is not an easy feat, we’ll do it for you. We will allocate your company’s advertising budget to make sure it is allocated optimally to the right channels. 

We will make sure that every penny you spent will
result in beneficial data or drive sales growth.
Digital Funnel Building
Business owners often focus on offline sales, forgetting that people nowadays have the tendency to do and buy everything online. We will take care of that, starting from website, landing page, funnel, to marketing emails. 

The aim is of course to generate more leads and optimising your company’s sales.

Advertising Budget Handled:

Total People Reached:

Total Leads Generated: